Intermediate Argentine Tango Class- Annandale VA

Intermediate Argentine Tango sessions will be held every Wednesday,  with a few exceptions at our at our Home Studio in Annandale, VA, from 730-930 pm. 

We kindly ask that you PLEASE RSVP in advance via email, text message, or by paying online.   A simple note or text message works fine.
We will teach at the beginner II/intermediate level, which means you either should have completed a few months salsa  lessons or a camp.
  We will also have some practice time at the end.  It is a very relaxed atmosphere!  🙂
Please note the following:
— Prices are $25 for the 2 hour session, $90 for 4 sessions online or discounted rate for CASH/CHECK $200 for 10 lessons, usable at either Salsa or Tango Wednesdays.  If you purchase more than one session, no problem!  Just sign in with us each time you attend!
–If we have 3 or fewer attendees, we will provide a semi-private for 1 hour instead of 2.  You will still learn as much because you will dance with us more than in a big group!
–You may pay credit card in advance or cash at the door (please RSVP via text to Migle in advance that you are coming).


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