6th Annual Salsa FUNtensive!

Get ready to go out and dance one of DC’s most popular social dances!

Sep 27-Oct 4  Salsa FUNTENSIVE® Bootcamp

NEW: Silver Line Stop .6 mile away!



September is our Annual Salsa Camp at Regency and Tyson’s Sport and Health!

Come join us for this fun progressive course in Salsa! No partner or previous experience necessary.

Experience the fun, spicy Salsa, and enjoy a great new way to meet people, exercise & dance!

Immersion is the best way to learn a dance; rather than one hour a week, you will complete 17.5 hours of lessons and practice in a one week course.  Because the same professionals will be teaching the whole week, we will be able to give you a continuous build up.   This course features a great deal of repetition of basic building blocks of salsa as well as exploration of some advanced concepts with the goal to raise the level of skill and knowledge for everyone.

Salsa is a great Latin dance with roots in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and New York City!  Come join us so we can ramp up your salsa skills each night!  You will learn basics, social skills, etiquette, and get exercise while doing so!  By the end, you will have developed skills that will enable you to function socially at a salsa outing, and you will have an opportunity to try your new skills with your new group of friends on a group outing.

FULL CAMP (6 SESSIONs): $255 (singles)/ $425 (couples). Bootvets (previous attendees) 15% off!

ANY 4 SESSIONS: $185 (single) $325 (couples). Bootvets (previous attendees) 15% off!

SPECIAL:  If a bootvet brings a new attendee at the regular price, he/she receives half off!  See the last selection “1 Bootvet + 1 new attendee” for $352.50

NOTE: Prices rise at the door!

Full camp (6) or Partial camp (4)
Specify Lead or Follow

I hope to see many of you there.  If you have been to past immersions, remember, every year we teach different movements, so you can still learn more.

DANCESPORTENDURANCE NEW3 from Todd Borzych on Vimeo.


Wednesday 27 Sep 730- 1000 pm, Regency Sport & Health (S & H)- Salsa basics- Basics, back breaks; basic turns w different leads (visual/physical); cross body; Shine routine part one, Merengue

Friday 29 Sep 730- 1000 pm, Regency S & H-Review; DSE Salsa warm-up routine; cross body leads with varying hand holds; basic left turn (man and lady); windmill; hammerlocks; Salsa hips; Salsa Circle

Saturday 30 Sep 3-6 pm, Regency S & H- Review; DSE Salsa warm-up; Hand toss, Pizza Spin; Fun Combination I , Salsa Circle; Bachata!

Sunday 1 Oct 12-3 pm, Regency S & H-  Review; DSE Salsa Warm-up; Shines,  Salsa Dips, Shadow position movements; Turning cross body leads; Men’s turns, Fun combo II; Bachata II!

Monday 2 Oct 730- 1000 pm, Regency S & H- Review; DSE Salsa Warm-up; Shines,  Men’s turns, Fun combo III

Wednesday 4 Oct 730- 1000 pm, Regency S & H- Full Camp Review and practice, Party open to all!!

Following the camp we will gather for a dance Outing at the Salsa Room! (date to be determined; entry not included)


McLean Regency Sport and Health, 1800 Old Meadow Road, McLean VA

Instructors: Todd and Migle!

Todd and Migle specialize in immersive teaching and have brought thousands of people into dance and thousands of dancers to higher levels.  Migle has danced from age 4 in every style of ballroom and social dance, and she has a degree in modern dance.  Todd has danced for over 20 years in all of the ballroom and latin/rhythm styles as well as Argentine Tango and Salsa.  Todd and Migle also teach the awesome dance workout DanceSport Endurance!  They bring a diverse background to their teaching and love to share the fun and health found in dance with their friends and students.