Viennese Waltz Camp- Prep for the balls!

“Oh, well. What’s a royal ball?
After all, I suppose it would be frightfully dull,
and-and-and boring, and-and completely…
Completely wonderful.”        -Cindarella

DC is America’s center for Viennese Waltz.

Join us and prepare for the ball season!

Early Bird Discount until Oct 25

Become part of the storyteller’s dance of the ages

Immersion is the Best way to learn!

Washington DC is the Mecca of Viennese Waltz for the United States- Over ten balls a year, packed with waltzers, meeting and dancing and creating intrigue! How best to prepare for such a ball? Immerse yourself!

We will slowly but surely teach you skills in the Viennese Waltz to prepare you for this incredible experience, with a series of advancing lessons. You will learn basics of several styes of Waltzing, to include Smooth, Standard, and social style ! By the end, you will have developed skills that will enable you to function socially in any Viennese Waltz setting, and you will also make a lot of dance friends while doing so.


If you have been to past immersions, remember, every year we teach different movements, so you can still learn more. Additionally, past immersion participants are “bootvets” and receive 15% off this and other immersions!


Part I

1. Fri, 1 Nov, 730-10 pm: Intro to Viennese Waltz, stationary basics, stationary left turns, whisks w/ladies turn, practice

2. Sat, 2 Nov, 2-6 pm: Practice, Review, basic combos, progressive basic, Patty-cake, Smooth COMBO, Navigational skills, Discussion of balls in Vienna (at the break)

3. Sun, 3 Nov, 1230-3 pm: Practice, Review, Patty-cake, Intro to natural stationary turns (folk), Hook turn to the Right (Folk style),

Part II

4. Thu, 7 Nov, 730-10 pm: Hook turn to the Right, Reverse turn (International left turn), stationary left turns, Navigation drill

5. Fri, 8 Nov, 730-10 pm: Practice, Review, Natural Turn (international), change steps from left to right and right to left, fifth position break, single fleckerel to the right

6. Sat 9 Nov, 2-4 pm: Recharge for the balls- full camp review and drills!

After the camp, join all of your new friends for dinner and dancing at the National Society for Arts and Letters (NSAL) Ball!


McLean Regency Sport and Health, 1800 Old Meadow Road, McLean, VA  Plenty of Parking!  Silver Line Metro stop .7 miles away


Prices rise 25 Oct so register in advance for the best discount! Prices vary because you may register for any 3 or 6 sessions. We generally recommend that most dancers start with the first session to continue to work on the basics; however dancers with quite a bit of experience can start with later sessions. If you cannot make 3 or 6 sessions, please contact me and we can work out other arrangements.

Bootvets (former camp graduates) receive a 15% discount off.

Referral Bonus: Past Attendees (bootvets) who bring a brand new guest for the full camp will receive a $50 credit back for each new attendee who signs up (up to the maximum value of your camp attendance). $25 credit if they sign up for half of the camp.  Just email Todd and let him know who the new attendee is!

Check, Cash or Venmo

Payments by check may be made out to “DANCESPORT ENDURANCE, LLC” and sent to 7507 Pleasant Way, Annandale, VA, 22003.  To pay cash, drop by any of our classes!  For further information, call 202-361-8633 or 703-298-3577.  To use Venmo, please email or call Todd.

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Todd Borzych and Migle Gineityte.  Todd and Migle have performed Viennese Waltz at the Hoffburg Palace in Vienna, the Austrian Embassy in Washington DC, and many other venues.  They love to dance multiple styles of Viennese Waltz, fusing International, American, and Folk style into their love of the dance.  They are masters of the immersion technique for teaching students to dance.  Together they have taught thousands of students to dance in socials, weddings and performance settings. 

Todd and Migle Performing at NMWA, Washington DC

Migle danced competitive ballroom in Europe from the time she was 4 years old, has a degree in Modern dance, and teaches ballroom dance at George Mason University.  Todd has danced performance ballroom, Argentine Tango, and Salsa for over 20 years and is the founder/creator of DanceSport Endurance, a dance workout for ballroom dancers that has inspired dance athletes since 2003.


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For further information via telephone, call 202-361-8633

If you have friends who would like to be on the Dance Sport Endurance dance mailing list, it would awesome if you could send them this website. The emails are sent out approximately once every week or two weeks and contain information on the best dance events in DC as well as all of the classes offered in Dance Sport Endurance and several social dances, to include Viennese Waltz balls, Tango Milongas, Swing dances, Salsa, ballroom, latin, and more! The DanceSport Endurance movement grows everyday. Thousands of students have begun dancing through our programs!