Tango Immersion

img_9391-d1, 2, 3, 5 July Tango Immersion 2015!

Come join us for this intensive four evenings of Argentine Tango. No partner or previous experience necessary.


Experience the Tango, and experience
a wonderful addition to your life.

Men often find Tango to be one of the most interesting and intriguing dances to learn, with relatively easy physical movements that are, when combined, mentally stimulating.  Leaders learn through Tango how to truly lead a social dance, because Tango allows the most improvisational choice of any of the social dances yet created.

Women often find Tango alluring because of the skill, the Zen aspects, the communication with the partner, and the chance to pull from other dance experience.  And if you are looking to improve your ability to follow in any social dance, Tango teaches this aspect better than any dance, hands down.

We will slowly ramp up your tango skills each night, timed to take place after rush hour has ended.  You will learn basics including Boleos, Sacadas, Volcadas, the Tango-Waltz, leading and following (throughout), social skills, etiquette, and more, and you will also learn what those words mean!  By the end, you will have developed skills that will enable you to function socially on a tango floor, and you will have an opportunity to try them out at a short “Milonga”, or social dance.  You will also make a lot of dance friends while doing so.

I hope to see many of you thereIf you have been to past immersions, remember, every year we teach different movements, so you can still learn more.  Additionally, repeat immersion participants receive a credit of $25 with DanceSport Endurance, useable for one of our Intermediate Tango nights ($25 each evening), and/or future bootcamps held at our main studio at Regency Sport and Health.  Just make sure you inform Todd and Migle that you are registering so we can record your credit!


Todd and Migle!


Friday, July 1: 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Ocho Cortada, Molinete, Forward/Back/Side Walks, Left Turn

Saturday, July 2: 7:30pm – 10pm

Review of day 1. Ochos, Crusada, Introduction to Ganchos and Sacadas

Sunday, July 3: 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Review of days 1 and 2. Vals Rhythm (Tango-Waltz), Fun combos in Vals, Overview of Tango Etiquette

Tuesday, July 5: 7:30-10:00pm

Review of days 1, 2 and 3. Milonga Rhythm (Fast Tango), Fun combos in Milonga, Camp Review


Rockville Maryland Hilton

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If you’d like to link up via facebook, search for Borzych@cox.net and also Dancesport Endurance!

For further information via telephone, call 202-361-8633

If you have friends who would like to be on the dancesport endurance dance mailing list, it would awesome if you could send them this website. The emails are sent out approximately once every week or two weeks and contain information on the best dance events in DC as well as all of the classes offered in DanceSport Endurance and several social dances, to include Viennese Waltz balls, Tango Milongas, Swing dances, Salsa, ballroom, latin, and more! The DanceSport Endurance movement grows everyday. Over 3000 students have begun dancing through Dancesport Endurance, and the number increases every day!

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