Dance Camps

Camps for 2018!

February:   Tango FunTensive- week long super fun immersion in Argentine Tango (McLean VA)!

March:  Big Band FunTensive- 5 days of workshops on the big band social dances!  Foxtrot, Quickstep, Swing! (McLean VA)

April:  Viennese Waltz FunTensive- week long awesome Viennese Waltz immersion. Week long immersion in the Dance of Princes and Princesses (McLean, VA (McLean, VA)!

July: Holiday Tango Immersion Rockville, MD 4-evening immersion in Argentine Tango (Rockville, MD)!

August:  Swing Around the World- week long immersion in swing from various parts of the world! (2 nights East Coast, 2 nights West Coast, 2 nights Lindy, and 1 night review and party! (McLean, VA)

September: Salsa FUNTENSIVE Bootcamp.  Intensive fun salsa immersion (McLean, VA)!